Class of 2010 graduate, Judd Stone, to Clerk for Justice Scalia

July 09, 2013

Northwestern Law alumnus Judd Stone (JD ’10) will serve as a law clerk to Associate Justice Antonin Scalia for the 2014 Supreme Court term.

Currently an Olin-Searle Smith Fellow at Harvard University, Stone previously clerked for Edith Jones, former Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Prior to that, he clerked for Justice Daniel Winfree of the Alaska Supreme Court.

“There were so many qualified candidates, so it is incredibly humbling and exciting to be chosen for this clerkship,” said Stone. “The entire Northwestern Law community has been so generous with its time and resources, for which I am really grateful.”

While a student at Northwestern Law, Stone was involved in the Federalist Society, served as an editor of the Northwestern University Law Review, and participated in the Owen L. Coon/James A. Rahl Senior Research Program. He cites Professors Steven Calabresi, Eugene Kontorovich, and Erin Delaney as a tremendous help during the application process, as they provided references, advice, and encouragement. He also sought advice and insight from friend and former classmate Kevin King (JD ’10), who is currently serving as a 2013 clerk for Justice Scalia.

“Judd marks the fourth Northwestern Law graduate in three consecutive class years to serve as a Supreme Court clerk,” said Dean Dan Rodriguez. “These telling statistics speak to the caliber of students here at Northwestern Law and the quality of education they received.”

Supreme Court clerks from most recent years include Abby Mollen (JD ’08), Kenton Skarin (JD ’09), King, and Stone.