Alumni Sworn in to Bar of Supreme Court

March 14, 2014

Thirty-seven alumni were admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States at Northwestern Law’s first-ever swearing-in ceremony on March 10.

Veteran Supreme Court litigator Carter Phillips (JD ’77) moved the admission of the group in front of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., Justice Antonin Scalia, Justice Anthony Kennedy, Justice Clarence Thomas, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Justice Elena Kagan.

“This is truly an extraordinary moment for these distinguished members of our alumni community to be sworn in together,” said Dean Daniel B. Rodriguez. “I was proud to be there to celebrate the newest members of the Supreme Court Bar.”

Law Alumni on Steps of U.S. Supreme Court

To be eligible for admission to the Supreme Court bar, an alumnus/na must have been a member in good standing of the highest court of his or her jurisdiction for the past three years, and submit a completed Application for Admission to Practice form, along with a certificate of good standing and signatures of two sponsors who are current members of the US Supreme Court Bar. For more information about future events, contact Terese Molinaro, associate director of alumni relations, at or (312) 503-1793.

Northwestern Law Alumni Members of the Supreme Court Bar Sworn in on March 10

Margit Anderson (JD ’06)
Michael Anderson (JD ’93)
Prudence Beidler Carr (JD ’07)
Gina Bokios (JD-MBA ’99)
Jiwen Chen (JD ’09)
Louis Cohen (JD ’81)
M. Freeman Durham (JD ’83)
Ryan Ferch (JD ’07)
Jane Gale (JD ’83)
John Kloecker (JD ’95)
Jose Lopez Jr. (JD ’95)
Aimee Mackay (JD ’02)
F. Gant McCloud (JD ’03, LLM ’04)
JoAnna McFadden (JD ’06)
Michelle McGovern (JD ’08)
Alan Miller (JD ’68)
Joanne Moffic Silver (JD ’77)
Devan Padmanabhan (JD ’93)
Kay Pashos (JD ’84)
Margo Pave (JD ’96)
John Pembroke (JD ’79)
Jeffrey Pochowicz (JD ’02)
Fred Prillaman (JD ’68)
John Ridgeway (JD ’04)
Katie Schrieber (JD ’05)
Michael Sears (JD ’91)
Darsee Staley (JD ’87)
David Sudzus (JD ’90)
Stephanie Synol (JD ’03)
Christian Vainieri (JD ’01)
Lyle Washowich (JD ’99)
Michael Williams (JD ’98)
Michelle Windmueller (JD ’98)
Curtis Woods (JD ’75)
Scott Young (JD ’77)
Jason Yurasek (JD ’97)
Barton Zedd (JD ’97)