Student-Led Class Gift Initiative Supports Key Law School Programs

June 16, 2014

A total of 256 students from Northwestern Law’s Class of 2014 contributed through this year’s graduating class gift to various areas of the Law School.

Of those who donated, 55 gave at the Young Wigmore leadership level of $50 or more. In total, more than 55 percent of graduating students donated to the Law School this year, surpassing Dean Daniel B. Rodriguez’s challenge goal of 50 percent participation. In recognition of the graduates exceeding this goal, Rodriguez and his wife, Leslie Oster, will donate $10,000 to the Law School in honor of the Class of 2014.

This year’s class gift will be used to support many different areas at the Law School, including the Law School Fund, the Kellogg/Law JD-MBA Scholarship, LLM Program support, LLM Tax Program support, the Bluhm Legal Clinic, scholarship support, and the Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP). A booth in the renovated Harry’s Café will also be dedicated to the Class of 2014.
Brad McMahon (JD ’14), Tyler Myers (JD ’14), Kelly Oki (JD ’14), and Kate Bolshakova (LLM ’14) served as the co-chairs of this year’s Graduating Class Gift Committee. Committee members represented a range of Law School programs, including the JD, AJD, JD-MBA, LLM, LLM/K, and LLM Tax programs: Katie Allison (JD ’14), Suzanne Alton (JD ’14), Praveen Ayyagari (LLM Tax ’14), Allison Bailey (JD ’14), Nathan Brenner (JD ’14), Nicole Goodman (JD ’14), Kelsey Green (JD ’14), Naomi Honda (LLM/K ’14), Junichi Kawauchi (LLM ’14), Daniela Martinez Silva (LLM/K ’14), Elizabeth Mazzocco (JD ’14), Joanna Morrison (LLM Tax ’14), Christina Otero (JD ’14), Hallie Ritzu (JD ’14), Chloe Rossen (JD ’14), Dave Smith (JD-MBA ’14), Alex Tanton (JD-MBA ’14), Emily Thomas (JD ’14), Andrew Wang (JD ’14), Sarah Wilson (JD ’14), and Ping Sarah Yu (LLM ’14).