Law Board

Law Board

The Northwestern Law Board is dedicated to advancing Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and supporting its students. The Board serves in an advisory capacity to help shape strategy and acts as an advocate for the Law School in the legal profession, business community, and general public.

Law Board Membership

There are three categories of Law Board membership: Active, Life, and Honorary. Active members serve renewable three-year terms.

  • Active Members
    Active members' Board involvement includes consistent meeting attendance and generous financial support of the Law School. While there is no absolute standard to measure that involvement, the Executive Committee's goal is that Active members attend at least four of the six meetings in a three-year membership term, and give at least $10,000 annually to the Law School during that term.
  • Life Members
    Life members are former Active members who attend meetings as they are able. The Executive Committee's goal is that Life members contribute at the Wigmore Club level--at least $2,500 annually.
  • Honorary Members
    Honorary members have courtesy appointments and are either not active participants or cannot, in the discretion of the Executive Committee, be expected to contribute at the Wigmore Club level.

Law Board Executive Committee

The Law Board is governed by an ten-member Executive Committee comprised of a Chair and nine at-large Active members.


The Law Board meets twice annually on Fridays. A social dinner for members is held on Thursday evening before each meeting.

  • Fall 2024 Date: October 18, 2024
    • Location: Chicago