Email and Listservs

Generally, we discourage the use of listserv emails and ask that you instead use and check the Law School Calendar of Events. Any event you submit that is intended for a student audience will appear within the weekly and daily Northwestern Pritzker Law Events emails distributed to students. (A student audience must be selected in the room reservation system.) However, should you find it necessary to email a listserv, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • No listserv email should be sent until the event has been posted to the Law School Calendar.
  • Faculty and staff should use the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law banner when sending mass email announcements to internal audiences. Contact the Communications department, for a copy of the banner and instructions on how to include it in emails.
  • Messages that are of interest only to certain members should be sent ONLY to the relevant group listservs, not the entire school.
  • Only Northwestern Law-related announcements should be sent via listserv emails. All other announcements should be sent to the open listservs or discussion lists.
  • Listserv emails are limited to one per event/announcement.

NLaw News

Northwestern Law sends an email newsletter once a month to the entire Law School community, including alumni. To have events and announcements included in NLaw News, they should first be posted on the Law School Calendar, or have a webpage available to link to for more information.

If you would like your event or announcement to be included in NLaw News, contact the Communications department

Email Signatures

Recommended email signature format:

Alex N. Example
Professor of Law
[optional] Department/Center
Northwestern Pritzker School of Law
Faculty Profile

View the Graphic Identity Quick Start Style Guide (pdf) for additional options.