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Pre-Trial Advocacy

In this class, we will examine strategies, procedures, and simulations dealing with pre-trial proceedings, with a particular focus on obtaining preliminary relief and motion practice. Specifically, students will draft a complaint, an answer, a motion for a preliminary injunction, a motion in limine, and a summary judgment brief. In addition, you will have an opportunity to argue a number of these motions in a simulated courtroom setting. Through course materials, lectures, and discussions, you will garner the tools and insights necessary to perform these real world litigation tasks. Therefore, we expect you to prepare for each class meeting by completing the assignments designated for that meeting.

Catalog Number: LITARB 616
Practice Areas: Civil Lit. and Dispute ResolutionLegal Skills Development
Additional Course Information: Experiential Learning, Professional Writing

Course History

Fall 2021
Title: Pre-Trial Advocacy

Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 24     Actual: 24