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Introduction to Marketing Analytics

This class focuses on marketing analytics - the practice of collecting data and analyzing that data to drive a company's marketing strategy. Data and analytics are obviously related to every industry and business function, but marketing analytics has become increasingly important in recent years. While data courses are usually focused on teaching data science or statistics concepts, and more technical classes focus on coding and databases, this class will focus on how data analytics are applied in the real world. This class will help students better understand: the technologies used in data analytics, exploring such questions as what cookies actually are and what is the difference between a CRM and a CDP; why and how some companies (such as Google and Meta) are so successful at marketing and what these successful companies have in common; how regulations like GDPR and other privacy laws affect business/marketing decisions; and different professional roles in this area, such as data engineers and marketing analysts.

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 958-0

Additional Course Information: MSL students only

Course History

Spring 2024
Title: Introduction to Marketing Analytics
Faculty: Okogbo, Ejededawe Omonkhomion
Section: 1     Credits: 0.5
Capacity: 50     Actual: 12