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Data Science, Business, and Responsibility

This course is designed to introduce the student to data science tools and methodologies for solving business problems. Beyond understanding and applying data science tools, the goal of the course is for the student to understand how to extract value from data and to become a savvy consumer of data products, while avoiding analytical pitfalls. With the rapid technological advances that have occurred over the past few decades, society has become increasingly data centric. Indeed, many consider data to be the new oil. Companies leverage data about your location, habits, preferences, social interactions, spending patterns, and more to improve their bottom lines and market positions. Companies also analyze their own data to understand what's working, what's broken, and where to make changes. But how do you derive real value from data? To build practical experience and understanding, the course will include a mix of lectures, hands-on exploratory exercises, and team-based discussions. Exploratory exercises will include the use of industry-relevant tools to provide exposure to data science software. The course covers visualizing and summarizing data, demystifying algorithms, applying algorithms to business data, presenting results, and developing a feel for making data-based decisions and recommendations in a business context.

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 957-0

Additional Course Information: MSL students only, Not a lottery course

Course History

Winter 2023
Title: Data Science, Business, and Responsibility
Faculty: Bradley, Anne Fowler
White, Emily
Section: 1     Credits: 2.5
Capacity: 25     Actual: 10