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Business Internship

MSL students may participate in an internship in the field of business as part of their MSL academic program. There are a variety of possible placements at companies. The work done in the internship will further the educational goals of the MSL program, develop the MSL student¿s skills, and provide real world and practical training for the student. Internships are supervised by an on-site supervisor and by an MSL faculty member. A minimum of 45 hours of internship work is required for each credit awarded. Registration Requirements: Once the student has identified and been accepted at an approved placement, the student will apply to the MSL Program Director for permission to enroll in the internship; approved students will be given a permission number to enroll in the course. Evaluation Methods: Internship performance will be evaluated by the student¿s on-site supervisor, in conjunction with the MSL faculty supervisor, on a credit/no credit basis. The on-site supervisor will complete two written evaluations of the student¿s work ¿ one mid-way through the internship and a final evaluation.

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 951-0

Additional Course Information: MSL students only

Course History

Spring 2024
Title: Business Internship
Faculty: Oster, Leslie A. (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 5.0
Capacity: 2     Actual: 2