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Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an intellectual approach which originated in legal academia (although it has spread to a number of other fields). Drawing from roots that include critical legal studies, the Civil Rights Movement, and feminist theory, CRT originated as an effort to reconceive core legal ideas from the long-neglected epistemic standpoint of people of color. This seminar explores the utility of CRT to the study of law. Specifically, we will consider arguments made by CRT scholars about the centrality of the law in constructing and maintaining – as well as dismantling – racism, racial inequalities, and race itself. The seminar will ultimately put Critical Race Theory in conversation with other critical and philosophical approaches to law as a challenge to (but also sometimes a defense of) more conventional small-l-liberal conceptual foundations of American jurisprudence.

Catalog Number: CONPUB 640
Practice Areas: Civil and Human RightsPerspective viewpoint
Additional Course Information: Consult Professor about writing requirements, Perspective Elective, Research Writing

Course History

Spring 2023
Title: Critical Race Theory
Faculty: Morgan, Jamelia (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 23