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Law and Education

Class sessions will be devoted both to student presentations of their paper topics and to discussion of a variety of currently vexing legal-educational controversies that require lawyers, educators and policy-makers to balance considerations of private and public morality, social costs, the allocation of public resources and the good of individuals. Specific problem areas to be discussed include the legal framework for educating differently-abled students, the amelioration of class and racial inequities throughout public education, the enforcement of K through 12 student discipline, reconciling rights of free speech and free exercise of religion with schools, institutional needs, financing public education, the regulation of big-time college sports, current controversies regarding sexual assault and harassment on campuses and the role of charter schools, teacher tenure and teachers- unions. Readings include cases and statutes that establish the foundation for resolving current law and education controversies as well as cases addressing cutting-edge issues of major social concern. Grades will be based primarily on the students' papers, although the quality of their class presentations may also be considered. Provided the subject matter of the paper is appropriate, students may write multiple draft papers for additional credit or for the graduation writing requirement. Students who would like to complete the 2 draft writing requirement and earn one additional credit hour in this course will be able to self-enroll in the associated LAWWRT 602 Section 9 course section (class nbr 18790) during open enrollment August 26-September 25, 2015. Students who would like to complete the 3 draft requirement and earn one additional credit hour in this course will need to submit a request for approval via the Writing Requirement form on the Registration and Records Registration page to obtain professor permission. The professor may limit the number of 3 drafts allowed in this course. Students may submit this request during open enrollment: August 26-September 25,2015.

Catalog Number: CONPUB 637
Practice Areas: Constitutional Law & Procedure

Course History

Fall 2022
Title: Law and Education
Faculty: Koch, Rachel
Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 23