Apply for Financial Aid

At Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, applying for financial aid, including scholarships, is separate from and follows after the admissions process. Thus, as an applicant and prior to when admissions decisions are made, there are no financial aid application materials you will need to submit as part of your application to Northwestern. 

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid awards scholarships to incoming JD students on a combined basis of financial need and merit, while the Chicago Office of Financial Aid packages loan funding. An admitted student's application for financial aid may involve submitting the FAFSA, a University Aid Application, and income information, depending on whether the incoming student is applying for scholarships, loans, or both. Following an offer of admission, prospective students receive detailed instructions on applying for scholarships and loans. 

Students receiving loan funding must reapply for loan funding each academic year. Reapplying for loan funding as a continuing student will involve submitting the FAFSA and University Aid Application; scholarships awarded when you were admitted automatically renew as long as you remain in good academic standing. You will receive an email reminder from the Law School each year during the Spring semester about reapplying for loan funding for the upcoming academic year.