Campus Climate Survey

Campus Climate Survey

Northwestern Pritzker Law remains committed to fostering an inclusive community characterized by openness and fairness for all students, staff, and faculty. Progress toward this goal requires self-assessment and dialogue, a receptiveness to feedback, and a willingness to change.  

Campus climate is defined as “the current attitudes, behaviors, standards, and practices of employees and students of an institution.” A campus climate survey is an important step in helping us better understand the ways in which students, staff, and faculty experience and perceive  our community. 

The Law School engaged Rankin & Associates Consulting (R&A) to assist with this critical project. R&A has extensive experience in institutional climate assessment and transformation based on data-driven action and strategic planning. A Climate Survey Working Group (CSWG) comprised of Northwestern Pritzker Law students, faculty, staff, and alumni has worked closely with R&A to tailor the survey to the needs of our community. 

The survey will be available to all currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff, as well as alumni from the class of 2020. Participation is optional, but every response matters and is valuable in providing the most beneficial feedback and results. 

Once the analyses are complete, Northwestern Pritzker Law’s administration will use the data and learnings to improve the campus climate and inform priorities and programming going forward, including decisions on curriculum, policies, and community events.  

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