Student Hiring and Payments

The Law HR Team supports a wide variety of important activities including payment to students by instructing students on hiring actions, advising departments on payroll processes and timelines, and liaising with the University’s central payroll and HR operations teams.

In addition to the information on this page, please check out our Student Hiring and Payment FAQs

Hiring and Payment Process for Students

After receiving an approved employment offer or notification of an award or prize, here are the steps for Law School students to get set up for work and payment.

Students paid hourly (including Research Assistants): Please do not begin work until the steps below are complete and you have received email confirmation that your position is fully processed and your timecard is available in the Kronos timekeeping system.


1. Answer a few quick questions about your role or payment.

Complete the  Law School Student Hire and Payment Request online questionnaire. 

2. Download, complete, and securely send your paperwork to the Law HR Team.

Access the secure Student Payment and Hiring Document Upload Portal to upload the following documents as applicable:

  • Personal Data Form -  Always required for any student employee or payment recipient, including rehires, prizes, STAR, and reoccurring appointments.
    Complete the Personal Information, Contact Information, Demographic Data, and Signature Block only. Please include your social security number on this form. A digital/electronic signature on this form is acceptable when necessary.

  • Request for FNIS - Always required for first-time student employees and payment recipients who are foreign nationals.
    By completing the request for FNIS, you will receive further information from a member of the University’s payroll team including clarification of which tax forms to complete. Please note that a social security number is required before starting work in any hourly role (such as RA roles).

  • Identification for the I-9 Process - Always required for students performing work unless an active I-9 is on file from a previous role with the University. Currently not required for STAR.
    Upload scans or clear photos of your identification to be used for completing I-9. You will ultimately need to show the original document(s) in person over a video call to complete the I-9 process.

  • Federal W-4 and IL W-4 Tax Forms - Strongly encouraged for all student employees and payment recipients, including rehires who may need to update tax information from a previous role or payment. Students who are foreign nationals should skip this step and complete the Request for FNIS instead. 
    Digital signatures are not currently accepted on tax forms: it is necessary to print and sign the forms in hard copy, then scan or provide a clear photo of the documents. If you do not supply a valid W-4 form, you will be processed as a single filer with no adjustment.

3. Complete the I-9/E-Verify process.

E-Verify is an Internet-based system for completing Form I-9 that allows Northwestern to verify the employment eligibility of its employees regardless of citizenship. All employees and individuals being paid through payroll are required to have an active I-9; please see the University's I-9 FAQ Page for additional information.  

Note: These steps are specific to the Law School and have been temporarily altered due to COVID-19. 

  • First, complete I-9 Section 1 online.
    Access the Northwestern I-9 Service Center, create an account if necessary, and complete I-9 Section 1. The School/Area to give is “Law”. The Department/Center is “5400 Law Administration”.

  • Then complete I-9 Section 2 with a remote agent.
    After you complete all other steps outlined on this page, you will receive an email from the University’s I-9 Help Desk within 2-3 days inviting you to schedule a virtual meeting to complete I-9 Section 2. 

Due to the remote conditions brought on by COVID-19, your remote agent can be a family member, roommate, colleague, or other acquaintance 18 years of age or older with whom you can comfortably meet in person. You and your remote agent will meet with your original identification document(s) in hand to attend a virtual appointment with a University HR representative. Your remote agent will inspect your identification and complete the E-Verify online process during the meeting, which typically takes just a few minutes. Please contact the Law HR Team if you do not have access to someone who can serve as a remote agent for the I-9/E-Verify process.


Thank you for your attention and please reach out to the Law HR Team if you have questions or difficulty completing any of the actions outlined on this page. We are here to help!


Northwestern Pritzker School of Law is committed to fostering an environment of inclusion and equal opportunity.  We recruit and hire employees, including student employees, from all backgrounds to reflect the diversity of our Law School community.

The Law School's hiring procedures are based on the University's policies, including guidelines on hiring and onboarding and secure handling of sensitive information.