Law Bidding Instructions
The Law School uses a bidding system for registration in the fall/spring semesters and winter intersession (we do not bid for summer). Please review the resources linked below for guidance on how to use the bidding system and various tools in our student enterprise system (CAESAR):

Bidding Points
A number of bidding points are assigned to each class/program of students at the Law School for use over the entire academic year. View list of Bidding Points (pdf)

Wait List
View the Wait List History (pdf) for courses offered from 2004 to 2008, prior to the Law Bidding system. For bidding history after Fall 2008, please view the course details on CAESAR.

Bidding FAQs
Our most frequent asked questions about general bidding concerns, waitlists, and bidding results are compiled in the Bidding FAQs document (pdf).

Curricular Advising FAQs
For answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Northwestern Law curriculum, please visit the Curricular Advising FAQs section. You will find answers to questions ranging from "What is the difference between Business Associations and Corporations?" to "How do I search in CAESAR for courses that meet the perspective elective requirement?" to "What is Senior Research?"

Online Registration Forms