San Francisco Immersion Program

San Francisco Immersion Program

The San Francisco Immersion Program (SFIP) is offered to JD and JD-MBA students interested in understanding the legal and business environment of growth-stage startup firms, venture-capital and private-equity firms, and established high-tech companies.

Students selected for the program learn from Pritzker and Kellogg faculty, local Bay Area alumni, and business and legal leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students spend the first 10-14 weeks of the Spring semester in San Francisco taking classes at Northwestern's San Francisco location. The program offers both externship and non-externship options. Students with externships work three days a week in externships in legal departments of Bay-Area companies.


The San Francisco Immersion Program is an accredited curricular experience. Courses focus on the technology and entrepreneurship environment of San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley areas. Below are recent course offerings:

  • Business & Law of Venture Deals
  • Entrepreneurship Culture: Innovation, Teams & Law
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Information Privacy
  • Launching and Leading Startups
  • Business, Law & Technology of Space Commerce
  • IP Business Strategies
  • Business, Law & Technology of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  • Private Equity Transactions
  • Cannabis Law, Business & Policy
  • High-Tech Business Strategy
  • Company Law Engagement Seminar 

Prior and Present Externship Companies

10x Genomics
Angel Island Capital
C16 Biosciences
Credit Karma
Cold Quanta
Golden State Capital
Golden State Warriors
Human Capital
Impossible Foods
Iron Ox

Legion M
Luminar Technologies
Momentus Space
Riot Games
Spaceflight, Inc


Professor Tiller teaching

World-class faculty



State-of-the-art classrooms

Seattle Tech-Law Experience

The Seattle Tech-Law Experience offers Northwestern Pritzker Law students the opportunity to learn about the role of law in the high technology business environment of Seattle. The program is offered to students undertaking the San Francisco Immersion Program as a comparative experience in another west coast market heavily associated with technology and entrepreneurship. Students spend the first 10 weeks of the semester in the San Francisco Immersion Program and the last 4 weeks in the Seattle Tech-Law Experience. Students interested in the the Seattle Tech-Law Experience must indicate interest on the SFIP application. Learn more about the Seattle Tech-Law Experience.


All rising second and rising third-year JD students are eligible to apply. Among other factors, students are selected based on their stated interest in experiencing high-technology or venture-capital environments, and/or appropriate externship match with a Bay-Area or Seattle company, and maintaining a reasonable balance between second and third-year law student participants.

Note to JD-MBA students:  Rising second-year JD-MBA students apply through Kellogg's concurrent immersion program and must complete Kellogg requirements in order to apply. Rising third-year JD-MBA students must apply through the Law School only and may take only the law courses offered through this program. JD-MBAs are eligible to take the Kellogg courses through Kellogg (as part of or outside of SFIP) during the 2J year, but may not take them through SFIP during the 3J year. 

Note: There is a 16-unit cap on course credits for the program semester and students must reserve 1500 bid points for the program.  The curriculum will be exclusively comprised of the courses designed for the program and students may not enroll in classes offered on the Chicago campus during the spring semester program.  Participation in this program does not excuse any other graduation requirement.