Public Service Stars

Students who fulfill Northwestern Prtizker Law's public service hourly goal are honored at a luncheon during graduation week and receive special recognition at graduation. Their names are highlighted in the graduation bulletin, and they receive gold and purple honor cords and tassels to wear at the graduation ceremony. Students who have committed significantly more time are indicated below. View details surrounding special recognition.

In 2023, 100 graduating seniors completed our student public service goal of at least 50 hours of public service or the equivalent goal for students here less than 3 years, 15 students achieved high honors of 100 hours or more, and 16 students provided extraordinary service and volunteered more than 200 hours.

Are You A Star?

Turn in your Time Log to get on the Public Service Honor Roll.

Congratulations to the following students in the classes of 2023 who have met or exceeded the public service goal:

Class of 2023

Noemi Aguirre
Sierra Anderson
Jacob T. Aubrecht* 
Jack Baumruk
Ella John Beckman
Jordana Beh
Justin Bertsche
Jacob Andrew Besanceney
Kachine Blackwell
Katharine E. Boraz** 
Mick Timothy Borchert
Molly Brambil
Josephine Bryan
Thomas McNeal Butcher, Jr.** 
Caitlin Michelle Capriotti
Rosalie Marian Kung Chan*
Elizabeth Sophia Charles
Gina Choi
Michael Minsuk Choi
Kalen Renae Church
Adam M. Clark* 
Zakiyah Dillard
Wanting Ding** 
Liam Donnelly**
Kathleen Anna Drake Clancy
Caitlin Fernandez Zamora** 
Julia A. Fleurantin* 
Clarissa C. Galaviz Lizarraga** 
Eva Gao
Elizabeth Anita Gaskins
Brendan Gilligan
Tessa Weil Greenberg** 
Julie Guthrie
Lucas Jeffery Hale
Patrick Hecker
Luma Khabbaz
Anthony M. Khilkov
Jenny Kim
David Kohan-Ghadosh

Class of 2023 (cont.)

Jackson Turner Lane*
Zoe Levine
Alexandra Li
Mengxuan Li** 
Sijia Liu
Blair C. Matthews** 
Olivia Miller* 
Jane Moye-Rowley
Taylor Nia Nchako
Angela Oh
Adrienne Ou
Sarah Peng
Shen Peng
Taylor Cayne Randle* 
Rohun Reddy** 
Zoe Reinstein
Shayna R. Roth** 
Elizabeth Ann Sanchez** 
Katherine Sears
Regan Seckel* 
Andrew David Segal** 
Diana M. Solano Florez** 
Megha Sorot
Grace Stippich
Chang Su
Bethany Kurtlyn Thomas
Allie Walton
Danni Wang**
Andrew Werner
Sarah Elizabeth Wolf-Knight
Marian Virginia Woznica*
Erin M. Wright
Elise Yun Wu*
Malcolm Xavier**

Crystal Jingjing Ye* 
Yitao Yuan* 
Monica Yue Zhang* 
Hanting Zhou
Zhongming Zhu* 

*Completed second level of service 
**Completed third level of service