James E. Pfander

Owen L. Coon Professor of Law


James E. Pfander has focused his teaching and research on the role of judicial systems in constitutional democracies.  His latest book, Cases Without Controversies:  Uncontested Adjudication in Article III Courts (Oxford U. Press 2021), explores the history of litigation in the courts of the United States, showing that Congress had the power to assign the federal courts cognizance of no-injury claims to register a claim of right under federal law.  Building on that history, the book develops a new account of the meaning of Article III’s provision for the adjudication of “cases and controversies,” one that challenges the Supreme Court’s current thinking.  A symposium on the blog, Balkinization, features reviews of the book from a range of scholars.

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  • BA, University of Missouri
  • JD, University of Virginia

Prior Appointments

  • Prentice H. Marshall Professor of Law, University of Illinois College of Law
  • Visiting Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
  • Visiting Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

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