Faculty Chairs

Faculty Chairs

Endowed professorships are an important part of Northwestern Law's strategic goal to build and maintain a world-class faculty. They help the Law School attract and retain a diverse group of scholars who influence today's important public policy and academic debates and establish Northwestern Law's reputation as a leader in empirical and discipline-based approaches to legal scholarship.

These chairs highlight the important role that scholarship and teaching play at Northwestern Law. They are possible only with the generous support of donors, who value excellence in scholarship and want to help ensure that the Law School continues to maintain a renowned faculty.

For more information on endowed professorships at Northwestern Law, please contact our Director of Donor Relations at (312) 503-2749.

Beatrice Kuhn Professor of Law
The Beatrice Kuhn Chair was established in 1987 by Neil G. Bluhm, a 1962 graduate of the Law School, who named the chair in memory of his mother. Mr. Bluhm is president of JMB Realty Corporation in Chicago, which he helped form in 1968. He is also a member of the University's Board of Trustees.

Recipients: Richard E. Speidel, 1987-2003; Lee Epstein, 2006-08; Jonathan Koehler, 2010-

Benjamin Mazur Summer Research Professorship
This chair was established in 1994 by the estate of Benjamin Mazur, a 1933 graduate of the School of Law. The Mazur Summer Research Professorship rotates annually among members of the Law School's faculty, providing summer research support for its holder.

Recipients: Steve Lubet, 1995-96; Kathy Abrams, 1996-97; Steve Calabresi, 1997-98; James Lindgren, 1998-99, 2004-05 and 2014-15; Cynthia Bowman, 1999-00; Rick Brooks, 2000-01; Tracey George, 2001-02; Albert Yoon, 2002-03; Max Schanzenbach, 2006-10; Janice Nadler, 2010-13; Charlotte Crane, 2013-14; Katherine Litvak, 2015-16; Ezra Friedman, 2016-17; Peter DiCola, 2017-2018; Sarah Lawsky, 2018-2020; Jide Okechuku Nzelibe, 2020-2022

Class of 1940 Research Professorship
Members of the Class of 1940 established this chair in 1991 on the occasion of their 50-year Law School reunion. The Class of 1940 Research Professorship rotates annually among members of the Law School's faculty, providing research support for its holder.

Recipients: Stephen Presser, 1992-93; Thomas Merrill, 1993-94; Charlotte Crane, 1994-95; Gary Lawson, 1995-96 and 1998-99; Cynthia Bowman, 1996-97; Steve Lubet, 1997-98; Dorothy Roberts, 1999-00; David Dana, 2000-02; Robert Burns, 2002-03; John McGinnis, 2004-06; Nancy Staudt, 2006-11; Steve Calabresi, 2011-13; Jim Speta, 2013-17; Deb Tuerkheimer, 2017-2022; Michael Kang, 2022-

Class of 1967 James B. Haddad Chair
In 1992, members of the class of 1967 and other alumni established this chair in honor of James B. Haddad, a member of the class of 1967 who served on the Law School faculty from 1969 until his death in 1992. Professor Haddad was an expert in the fields of criminal law, criminal procedure, and evidence, and was regularly honored by students for his excellence in teaching. In addition to the permanent chair-holders named below, the Haddad Chair has been awarded on a temporary basis to visiting scholars.

Recipients: John J. Donohue III, 1994-95; Saul Levmore, 1997-98; Fred S. McChesney, 1999-11; Thomas F. Geraghty, 2012-2022; Deborah Tuerkheimer, 2022-

Clayton J. and Henry R. Barber Professorship
This chair was established in 2013 in honor of Clayton J. Barber, a 1904 graduate of the Law School, and Henry R. Barber, a 1933 graduate of the Law School.

Recipients: Steve Calabresi, 2013-

Edna B. and Ednyfed H. Williams Memorial Professorship of Law
This professorship was established in 1969 through a bequest from Mrs. Williams in honor of her husband, a member of the class of 1909.

Recipients: Brunson MacChesney, 1970-77; Jon R. Waltz, 1978-96; Paul Robinson, 1997-2002; Steven Lubet, 2007-2022; Emily Kadens, 2022-

Edward Avery Harriman, Law School Lectureship
Established in 1969 by the Estate of Bertha Ray Harriman in honor of her husband Edward Avery Harriman, a close friend and colleague of former Law School dean John Henry Wigmore.

Recipients: Harold Shapiro, 1987-2008; Judge Marvin Aspen, 1992-2008; Judge Joel Flaum, 1992-2008; Peter Barack, 2000-2008; Judge Ruben Castillo, 2010-2012; Rick Levin, 2010-2012; Tom Finke, 2016-2017; Christina Egan 2018-2019; Bruce Markell, 2020-2021; Liisa Thomas, 2021-2022; Bruce Markell, 2022-  

Elizabeth Froehling Horner Chair in Law and Commerce
This chair was established in 1992 by Robert Dale Horner, a 1948 graduate of the Law School, as a memorial tribute to his wife, who was also a Northwestern graduate. Mr. Horner was a senior executive and member of the board of directors of the Glidden Company.

Recipient: Kenneth W. Abbott, 1993-05; James B. Speta, 2020-

Frederic P. Vose Chair
The Vose Chair was established in 1966 through a bequest from Lucy Mason Vose in memory of her husband, a Chicago attorney and member of the class of 1894.

Recipients: Nathaniel L. Nathanson, 1966-77; Marshall S. Shapo, 1978-2020; David L. Schwartz, 2020-

George C. Dix Professorship in Constitutional Law
This chair was established in 1998 by the estate of Irmgard Dix in honor of her husband, a member of the class of 1928.

Recipients: Steve Calabresi, 1998-01 and 2004-10; Robert Bennett 2001-02; Andrew Koppelman, 2002-03; John McGinnis, 2010-

Harry B. Reese Teaching Professorship
This chair was established in 1993 by various donors in honor of longtime Law School faculty member Harry Browne Reese. The Reese Teaching Professorship rotates annually among members of the Law School's faculty, specifically supporting its holder in the development of teaching methods. Formerly the Perkins-Bauer Teaching Professorship from 1983 to 1992.

Recipients: Helene Shapo, 1987-88; Robert Burns, 1988-89 and 1997-99; Charlotte Crane, 1989-90 and 1996-97; Thomas Eovaldi, 1990-91 and 1995-96 (with Francis); Tom Geraghty, 1991-92 and 2001-02; Ken Abbott, 1992-93; Len Rubinowitz, 1993-94 and 2000-01; John Donohue, 1994-95; Clinton Francis, 1995-96 (with Eovaldi) and 1999-00; Philip Postlewaite, 2002-03; Cliff Zimmerman, 2008-09; Lynn Cohn, 2010-12; John Elson, 2013-14; Esther Barron, 2014-15; Sarah O'Rourke Schrup, 2015-16, Joyce Hughes, 2016-17; Julie Biehl, 2017-2018; Michelle Falkoff, 2018-2019; Grace Dodier, 2019-2020; Wendy Muchman, 2020-2021; Alyson Carrel, 2021-2022; Martha Kanter, 2022-2023; Alison Flaum, 2023-

Harry R. Horrow Professorship in International Law
In 2004, this professorship was established by the estate of Harry R. Horrow, a 1934 graduate of the Law School. Mr. Horrow was a member of the Law School's Alumni Board, and a partner at the law firm now known as Pillsbury Winthrop from 1948 until his retirement in 1990.

Recipients: Larry Lokken, 2004-05; Philip Postlewaite, 2008-13; Kristen Stilt, 2013-14; Jide Nzelibe, 2014-16; Juliet Sorensen, 2016-2018; James Speta, 2018-2019; Philip Postlewaite, 2019-

Howard and Elizabeth Chapman Professorship
This chair was established in 2013 by Howard and Elizabeth Chapman. Howard Chapman is a 1958 graduate of the Law School. The Chapman Professorship is focused in the areas of business law, trial advocacy, trust or estate law.

Recipients: Matthew Spitzer, 2013-2022; Jide Nzelibe, 2022-

Howard J. Trienens Chair
In 1989, partners of the law firm of Sidley & Austin established the Howard J. Trienens Chair and the Howard J. Trienens Visiting Judicial Scholar Program in honor of Mr. Trienens' service to the firm and to Northwestern. Mr. Trienens is a partner at Sidley & Austin and former chairman of its executive committee. He received his bachelor's and juris doctor degrees from Northwestern (Law School class of 1949), has served as a member of the University's board of trustees since 1967, and formerly chaired the University's board.

Recipients: Michael J. Perry, 1990-97; Shari Seidman Diamond, 2001-

Jack N. Pritzker Distinguished Visiting Professorship
Recipients: Martha Minow, 2021

J.B. and M.K.Pritzker Family Foundation Distinguished Visiting Professorship
Recipients: Veronica Root Martinez, 2021

J. Landis Martin Professorship of Law and Business
J. Landis Martin established this professorship in 2002. Martin is a 1973 Law School graduate whose service to Northwestern includes membership on the Law Board and the University's Board of Trustees. Martin is chairman, CEO and president of Titanium Metals Corporation in Denver, Colo.

Recipients: Robert Peroni, 2002-03; Frank Cross, 2004-05; Michael Davis, 2005-06; Emerson Tiller, 2008-

John Henry Wigmore Chair
In 1966, The John Henry Wigmore Chair was established in honor of Dean Wigmore, a member of the faculty from 1893 until his death in 1943, and dean from 1901 to 1929.

Recipients: John Ritchie III, 1966-72; Fred E. Inbau, 1974-77; Ian R. Macneil, 1980-92; Ronald J. Allen, 1992-

John Paul Stevens Professorship
This professorship was established in 1992 as a tribute to the Honorable John Paul Stevens, associate justice of the Supreme Court, by several of Stevens' classmates from the class of 1947.

Recipients: Thomas F. Merrill, 1992-03; Andrew Koppelman, 2007-

Judd and Mary Morris Leighton Chair and Judd and Mary Morris Leighton Research Fund
This chair and fund were established in 1989 by Judd and Mary Morris Leighton. Mr. Leighton, a member of the class of 1947, is retired from positions including chairman and chief executive officer of Benicia Industries Inc., and as a director from several corporate boards.

Recipients: Anthony D'Amato, 1990-15; Kimberly A. Yuracko, 2015-

Kirkland & Ellis Chair and Kirkland & Ellis Research Fund
In 1989, this chair and fund were established by donors including the Kirkland & Ellis Foundation in Chicago and a number of Northwestern Law alumni with ties to the firm.

Recipients: Daniel D. Polsby, 1990-99; Dorothy E. Roberts, 2001-12; David A. Dana, 2013-

Louis and Harriet Ancel Chair in Law and Public Policy and Louis and Harriet Ancel Research Fund
This chair was established in 1987 through a gift from Louis and Harriet Ancel. Mr. Ancel graduated from the Law School in 1931 and was an expert in municipal law and a partner in the Chicago firm of Ancel, Glink, Diamond, Murphy & Cope. In 1988, the Ancels established the Ancel Research Fund to support the Ancel Chair-holder in research, lectures, and conferences exploring issues of state and local government and the relationship of state and local governments to the federal government.

Recipients: Carol M. Rose, 1988-89; Martin H. Redish, 1990-

Mayer Brown/Robert A. Helman Professorship of Law
Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw created this professorship in 2005 to honor Robert A. Helman, longtime partner and leader at the firm and a 1956 graduate of the Law School.

Recipients: David J. Scheffer, 2006-2020; Robin Walker Sterling, 2020-

Myra and James Bradwell Professor of Law
Established in 2020 in honor of the University's commemoration of 150 Years of Women at Northwestern, the Myra and James Bradwell Professorship recognizes Myra (1831 - 1894) and James (1828 - 1907) Bradwell.  Myra Bradwell was one of the nation’s most important advocates for women’s rights in the late nineteenth century, a lawyer and publisher who helped eliminate gender discrimination in employment, property rights, and voting. Believing that “woman has a right to think and act as an individual,” Myra helped write and lobbied for passage of the Illinois Married Women’s Property Act of 1861 and the Earnings Act of 1869, state laws which allowed married women to control their earnings and property. She apprenticed in her husband’s law office, and founded the Chicago Legal News, but both the Illinois State Supreme Court (1870) and the United States Supreme Court (1873) refused to grant her a law license due to her sex. She ultimately received her law license after fighting for another Illinois law to prohibit sex discrimination in employment. Her husband, James Bradwell, a lawyer, politician, Northwestern Trustee, was one of the strong voices in favor of admitting women to Northwestern when the coeducation resolution was hotly debated, and finally passed, by the Board of Trustees on June 23, 1869. As the Chicago Tribune reported the following day, “Judge Bradwell spoke with characteristic force on the woman question.”  The couple helped organize the first meeting of the American Woman Suffrage Association, and later worked together to pass legislation in Illinois allowing women to vote on school boards. Their daughter, Bessie Bradwell Helmer, graduated from Union College of Law (which became the Northwestern School of Law) in 1882.

Recipients: Hari Osofsky, 2020-

Nathaniel L. Nathanson Chair
The Nathanson Chair was established in 1988 by gifts from numerous alumni, friends, businesses and organizations to honor the memory of the longest-serving professor in the Law School's history, Nathaniel L. Nathanson. Professor Nathanson was a member of the full-time faculty from 1936 to 1977 and Frederic P. Vose Professor of Law from 1966 to 1983. Nathanson left a legacy of seminal legal scholarship, exemplary public service, and leadership in the cause of civil liberties.

Recipients: Victor G. Rosenblum, 1988-2002; Robert W. Bennett, 2002-16; Janice Nadler, 2017-

Newton N. Minow Professorship
Recipients: Heidi Kitrosser, 2021; Randall Kennedy, 2022; Chantal Thomas, 2022

Nicholas D. Chabraja Professorship of Law and Business
Nicholas D. Chabraja established this chair in 2009. Nicholas Chabraja, also a 1964 alumnus of Northwestern University's Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences, and an alumnus of the Law School since 1967. From 1997 until this June 2009, Nick served as General Dynamics' Chief Executive Officer and became the longest-serving chief executive among the nation's top five defense contractors.

Recipients: Bernard Black, 2009-

Owen L. Coon Chair of Law
The Owen L. Coon Foundation established this chair in 1974 in honor of Mr. Coon, a 1919 graduate of the Law School. Mr. Coon, who founded the Coon Foundation in 1946, was chairman of the board of General Finance Corporation at the time of his death in 1948. The Coon Foundation's philanthropy includes the endowment of numerous chairs, scholarships, buildings and programs at Northwestern and the Law School.

Recipients: James A. Rahl, 1974-91; John P. Heinz, 1991-2007; Jim Pfander, 2010-

Raoul Berger Chair in Legal History
Raoul Berger established this chair in 1992. Berger graduated from the Law School in 1935, after a previous career as a concert violinist. He became one of America 's foremost legal historians, and from 1971 to 1976 Berger was Charles Warren Senior Fellow in American Legal History at Harvard University. He authored seven books and more than one hundred articles before his death in 2000.

Recipients: Stephen B. Presser, 1992-

Seigle Family Chair of Law

The Seigle Chair was established in 2015 by Harry J. Seigle, a 1971 graduate of the Law School. Mr. Seigle served as president and chairman of Seigle’s, which he led to become Chicagoland's largest building products supplier to homebuilders, remodelers, and contractors. He also founded The Elgin Company, a family office devoted to real estate acquisition and management, private investing, and philanthropy, and is a noted civic leader.

Recipients: Max M. Schanzenbach 2015-

Stanford Clinton Sr. and Zylpha Kilbride Clinton Research Professorship
This chair was established in 1984 by Stanford Clinton Sr. and Zylpha Kilbride Clinton. Mr. Clinton was a 1931 graduate of the Law School. The Clinton Research Professorship rotates annually among members of the Law School's faculty, providing research support for its holder.

Recipients: Michael Perry, 1987-88; Martin Redish, 1988-89; Anthony D'Amato, 1989-90; Ronald Allen, 1990-91; Robert Burns, 1991-92; Cynthia Bowman, 1992-93; David Haddock, 1993-94; Paul Robinson, 1994-95 and 1996-97; Philip Postlewaite, 1995-96; Marshall Shapo, 1997-98; Richard Speidel, 1998-99; Robert Bennett, 1999-00; Shari Seidman Diamond, 2000-01; James Lindgren, 2001-02; Steve Lubet, 2002-2003; Emerson Tiller, 2004-07; John McGinnis, 2008-10; David Dana, 2010-12; Kimberly Yuracko, 2013-15; Janice Nadler, 2015-17; David Schwartz, 2017-19; Tonja Jacobi, 2019-2021; Sarah Lawsky, 2021-

William G. and Virginia K. Karnes Research Professorship
In 2008, this professorship was established by the estate of Virginia K. Karnes, the Widow of William G. Karnes, a graduate of the Class of 1936.

Recipients: Tonja Jacobi, 2014-16; Emily Kadens, 2016-2018; Michael Kang, 2018-2022; Ajay Mehrotra, 2022-

William M. Trumbull Lectureship
Established in 1977 by the estate of William M. Trumbull (JD '41), a member of the Law School's faculty from 1952-65.

Recipients: Dennis Ferrazzano, 1989-2001; Howard Nagelberg, 2004-2005; Thomas P. Brown, 2004-2005; James Ferguson, 2004-2005; James Hurst, 2004-2005; Derek Sarafa, 2004-2005; Michael Melbinger, 2004-2005; Ram Padmanabhan, 2004-2005; Andrew Stroth, 2004-2005; Alan Lepp, 2004-2005; Judge Robert Gettleman, 2010-2012; Kim Kamin, 2016-2017; Robert Wootton, 2016-2018; Sue Provenzano, 2018-2020; Steven Drizin, 2020-

William W. Gurley Memorial Professorship of Law
This professorship was established in 1975 through a bequest from Helen K. Gurley in memory of her father, a distinguished member of the Chicago Bar and general counsel to a number of major business firms.

Recipients: Harry B. Reese, 1976-91; David S. Ruder, 1994-13; Robert P. Burns, 2015-2022; Heidi Kitrosser, 2022-