Nicola Sharpe

Visiting Professor of Law


Professor Sharpe is a Visiting Professor of Law at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and a Professor of Law at University of Illinois College of Law.

Professor Nicola Faith Sharpe teaches business law courses, including Business Associations, Antitrust, and Compliance, Ethics, and Professional Responsibility. Professor Sharpe’s research adopts an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates organizational behavior theory to critique and improve corporate law. By using insights into group decision-making, board process, and board function, her work offers a more accurate conceptualization of both the board of directors and its relationship with the firm. Her research analyzes how efforts to regulate modern business practices are limited by an incomplete conception of the firm, particularly an incomplete conception of the interaction between corporate boards of directors and executive management. Current projects extend her insights into group processes to the ethics and compliance function within large corporations. Works-in-progress include “Bad Decisions & Harmful Emissions: How Volkswagen’s Board Polluted the World” and “Internal Structure, Group Process, and Ethics and Compliance Reporting.”

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Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Governance
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Board of Directors
  • Ethics and Compliance


  • BA, Cornell University
  • MBA, Yale University
  • JD, Yale Law School

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