Regina M. Schwartz

Professor of Law (Courtesy)
Professor of English


Regina Schwartz, Professor of Literature, Religion, and Law at Northwestern University, writes on questions of justice. She has authored a book on John Milton’s theodicy and poetics, Remembering and Repeating: On Milton’s theology and Poetics (Cambridge, rpt Chicago, winner of the Milton Society of America’s James Holly Hanford’s Book Award). Her The Curse of Cain: The Violent Legacy of Monotheism (Chicago), calls attention to the cultural uses of scripture to endorse violence.

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Selected Publications

  • Sacramental Poetics at the Dawn Of Secularism: When God Left the World (Stanford University Press 2008).
  • Law and Love in Merchant of Venice, in Practising Equity, Addressing Law: Equity In Law And Literature, edited by Daniela Carpi (Universitätsverlag Winter 2008).
  • Othello and the Horizon of Justice , in Transcendence: Philosophy, Literature, And Theology Approach The Beyond, edited by Regina M. Schwartz (Routledge 2004).
  • Othello and the Horizon of Justice, in Transcendence: Philosophy, Literature, And Theology, edited by Regina Schwartz (New York: Routledge 2004).
  • Revelation and Revolution, in Theology And The Political, edited by Creston Davis (Duke University Press 2005).
  • Revelation and Idolatry: Holy Law and Holy Terror.

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  • PhD, University of Virginia

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