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Research Roundtables

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Research Roundtable on Platform Dynamics

November 2-3, 2023

This Research Roundtable is organized by Alex Lee (Director, Northwestern Center on Law, Business, and Economics; Professor of Law, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law) and D. Daniel Sokol (Carolyn Craig Franklin Chair in Law and Professor of Law and Business, USC Gould School of Law and USC Marshall School of Business). 

This event is co-sponsored by the USC Marshall Initiative on Digital Competition.

Platform competition dynamics are important across fields of study.  Historically, antitrust and competition policy has focused on economic analysis including in digital markets. The economics specific questions often have focused on pricing across sides of a platform.  We believe that the singular focus on the field of economics has missed a broader scholarly contribution across fields such as strategy, information systems, operations, and marketing. The purpose of this conference is to examine both theoretical and empirical work in business fields that embrace a broader understanding of platform dynamics across several strategic decisions to focus on mechanisms and processes of platforms, including: targeting, segmentation and other value creation strategies, and not merely on outcomes.  It also includes an analysis of the interrelationship of platforms and complementors, the use of technological standards to create ecosystems, and how firms pursue value creation and value capture strategies.


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