The annual base salary of each faculty member and other compensation are reviewed each year in the spring to be set for the following fiscal year beginning September 1.

Salary Raise Incentives

Research-Intensive Faculty
Increases to the annual base salary of research-intensive faculty (tenured and tenure-track faculty) are based primarily on research productivity and quality, teaching load and quality of teaching, and other contributions to the educational mission of the Law School, with research constituting at least 50% of the consideration. The minimum level of scholarly productivity normally expected of each research-intensive faculty member is on average one major, original research article per year or the equivalent ("Minimum Productivity Level"). The annual raises distributed to research-intensive faculty members are designed to provide the appropriate incentives to encourage faculty members to contribute effectively to our research and teaching mission.

Clinical Faculty
Increases to the annual base salary of clinical faculty annual base salaries are based primarily on quality and quantity of teaching and other contributions to the educational mission of the Law School, although, when appropriate, research accomplishments also will be considered.

All Faculty
As a professional school, we are committed to preparing our students for their chosen careers; we expect a high level of performance in the classroom and in the education of our students. Therefore, teaching quality and teaching load is a significant element in determining annual increases to base salaries for all faculty.

Research Bonus

Full-time research-intensive faculty members who meet or exceed the Minimum Productivity Level are eligible for research bonuses. Research bonuses are currently paid during the summer of the academic year, typically on or before the last day of July. Such sums are discretionary additions to compensation for excellence in research and scholarship. In each case, the bonus is based upon the faculty member's research productivity, work quality, and record of and promise to produce published work of significant impact within the scholarly community. More weight is given to the quality and impact of the work than to the quantity. In some cases, a research bonus will be conditioned on the successful completion of specified projects.

A research bonus will not be paid in a fiscal year if the faculty member resigns his or her appointment on or before the end of that fiscal year or does not commit to retaining his or her appointment throughout the following fiscal year.

Faculty members receiving research bonuses are obligated if requested to do so to make a presentation on their research to the faculty at least once for each time they receive a research bonus.