Logos for Student Organizations

Student organizations must use the official student organization logo on websites, printed materials, and promotional items. The logo may be downloaded below. Click on the images for a larger size.

The organization name should be included in plain text, set apart from the logo. Alternatively, if a student organization-specific logo exists (must be approved by Marketing), that may be used in conjunction with the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Student Organization logo. 

A combined logo can be created by the Marketing Department for groups that are interested in this approach. Refer to the Student Organizations section of the Logo Guidelines document for an example. 

Logos used on websites should be linked to the Northwestern Pritzker Law homepage.

Read information surrounding proper usage of University trademarks

If you need a logo in a different size or have questions, please contact law-communications@law.northwestern.edu.

When a student organization website is set up, send the URL to law-website@law.northwestern.edu. Please include your student organization name with a one to two sentence description. We will add this information to the student organizations listing.

For Web Use

Two Color For Web Student Org Logo

For Print Use (high resolution)

Two Color For Print Student Org Logo

One Color For Print Student Org Logo