Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association is Northwestern Law's student government.

Northwestern Law students are known for their cooperative, teamwork-oriented culture, fostered by the school's uniquely collegial environment. The SBA, through its committee structure, provides students with an effective means to work with one another and the administration to help ensure that Northwestern Law students undertake their legal studies in an optimal setting. To that end, the SBA sponsors various social activities and educational programs throughout the academic year.

SBA decisions are made by the SBA Executive Board, based on input from the student body directly and through the SBA committees. The Executive Board is elected by the student body in the spring of each year, and is the primary conduit between students and the administration. All students are encouraged to participate on the various SBA committees and make use of the SBA as an information source and direct line of communication with the staff, administration, and the Deans, with whom the Executive Board meets on a monthly basis. Additional leadership opportunities are available through participation in the American Bar Association.