The SBA has various committees dedicated to improving the law school and your law school experience. Please direct any inquiries, comments, or suggestions to the committees below, and a Committee Chair will respond to you directly.

Please note, the SBA will be selecting members for the upcoming school year and the links to each committee listed below will be active at that time.

Academic Affairs - Peter Douglass and Varun Lella
Admissions - Jake Law and Sarah Turner
Career & Clerkships - Jackson Slaughter
Communications & Technology - Ella Chochrek and Luma Khabbaz
Covid Response: Peter Scheyer
Elections - Olivia Miller
External Relations - Andreas Rauch
Facilities - Anita Kinney
Graduation - Taylor Marcusson and Diana Sancen
Social Committee - Anthony Caneris and Patrick Choi
Student Services - Katie Boraz and Varun Lella
Visibility Initiative - Amanda Jones and Meegan Mayer

Duties and Responsibilities for All SBA Committees

All SBA Committee members are expected to dutifully perform the following:

  • Meet as a group at least monthly.
  • Create goals that the Committee would like to meet for the school year. These goals should include initiatives that the Committee will undertake as well as issues that need to be addressed.
  • Meet with the Executive Board member supervising the Committee to discuss the goals and initiatives of the Committee.
  • Appoint one student member to represent the Committee at SBA General Assembly Meetings, if the Committee Chair is unable to attend the meetings.
  • Work with faculty or staff liaison to carry out committee goals. If no faculty or staff liaison has been assigned, determine whether one is needed and communicate said decision to SBA Executive Board.
  • Define role of faculty or staff liaison. For example, must the liaison attend every meeting? Or, will the liaison simply serve as a sounding board when issues emerge or as the generator?
  • Execute tasks assigned to the Committee by the SBA Executive Board.
  • Convene at the request of the SBA Executive Board.
  • Maintain minutes and/or other formal records of all issues discussed, debated, or ultimately voted upon. These are to be kept both in hard copy and electronic format for the purpose of creating a written history for the Committee that can be transitioned to successors appointed by future SBA administrations and should be emailed to the Executive Board member supervising the Committee.

1L and LLM Committee Member Intake Process

During fall elections, 1Ls and LLM students will be invited to join committees that have been selected to receive such members. During the nominating week, the SBA Executive Board will inform both groups of committee openings and ask that interested parties write a brief statement illustrating their desire to participate on a particular committee. These statements will be addressed to each committee chairperson. Committees will then decide on their new members. Transfer students will also be invited to join SBA Committees during this period.