About Us

Tradition of Excellence

The Professional Education Program at Northwestern Law has a strong history of developing and educating attorneys and counsel in the practical aspects of the law by providing opportunities to learn from academics, regulators and experts in the field.

In 1936, with the establishment of the annual Short Course for Prosecuting Attorneys, Northwestern Law began what has become the oldest continuing legal education program in the country. Founded by the late Fred E. Inbau, this program along with its sister program, the Short Course for Defense Lawyers in Criminal Cases, has been offering prosecutors and defense attorneys the opportunity to learn about forensic science and evidentiary and trial techniques in an open exchange of ideas and opinions.

The Corporate Counsel Institute was the first program of its kind to offer general counsel an opportunity to discuss the unique challenges faced by in-house counsel. The Institute was founded more than 60 years ago by the late David S. Ruder, former Northwestern Law professor and Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is a forum for discussion of current issues of substantive law and practical tools for the day to day practice of law within a corporation.

The Securities Regulation Institute and the Ray Garrett Jr. Corporate and Securities Law Institute are two of the preeminent securities law programs offered in the country today.

Range of Expertise

Drawing from a range of national contacts, we seek out true experts in their fields to provide the most current information from a practical perspective. From practitioners, members of the bench, government officials, and academics, we draw those who not only make policy, but execute it. Learning from the best, you will understand why as well as how.

The controlled size of our programs also provides rare opportunities for participants to personally interact with the experts in discussions and follow-ups.

Participant Diversity

Participants in our programs learn not only from the speakers and panelists, but from each other. Attendees come from around the country (and often around the world). They offer a functional mix of inside and outside counsel, government officials, and public and private sector professionals. In addition, the range of firm and company size assures you that your peers will be on hand to offer best practices, advice, and networking opportunities.

Continuing Growth and Evolution

We are constantly revisiting and revising our approach to continuing education. Based on your feedback, we continue to test new methods of bringing the best that continuing education can offer. From topics of interest, to a mix of formats, to the use of technology in learning, we are responding to what's important to you.

For more information about Professional Education at Northwestern Law please contact our staff.

Northwestern Law Professional Education reserves the right to exclude, without refund, and/or prohibit registration by any individual who, in Northwestern Law's sole discretion, engages in behavior deemed inappropriate or disruptive during the course of any program or event.

Northwestern University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action educator and employer.