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The Pritzker School of Law Information Technology department would like to welcome all current, new, and visiting faculty to our support page. We offer our expertise to assist with queries ranging from purchasing your computer; tools to use in the classroom; to any technical issue, you may have.

Support may be reached by:

  • Information Commons - Please visit our Info Commons for immediate support. Located by the main entrance of the Pritzker Legal Research Center, we offer our expertise to assist with queries ranging from simple fixes to complex problems.
  • Email - Send an email to to start a service ticket. The next available technician will contact you right away.
  • Phone - 312-503-7000 or by extension 3-7000


An IT representative will meet with you at a scheduled time to help you with your netid, email, printing and backup needs

AV & Classroom Support

Classroom support is managed by Ad Services. They may be reached at (312) 503-7001 or extension 3-7001.

Backing up your computer

The IT Department recommends using CrashPlan to back up your files and documents to ensure that no data is lost if any harm comes to your computer. Contact the IT Department to have your account created and CrashPlan installed on to your computer.


Adding:  WindowsmacOS
Sharing:  WindowsmacOS
Managing Permissions:  Windows | macOS
Scheduling meeting:  WindowsmacOSOutlook Web App (OWA)
Delegating account to someone else:  WindowsmacOSOutlook Web App (OWA)

Cloud Storage

NU Box
Accessing:  Web (Computer)Android/iOS
Operations:  Sharing files & foldersDeleting & recovering contentEditing & managing files
Management:  Creating NU Box groupsUsing NU Box with your Org or DeptManaging sharing in an NU Box Org account |  Adding additional email addresses

Installing:  Windows macOS  |  Android/iOS

Communication Tools

Microsoft Teams
Accessing: information and login
Download: MS Teams
Beginners Guide: guide
Training Videos: videos
Teams Support: support
Other Resources: other resources

Directory Service

Directory - Northwestern Law
Directory - Northwestern


Setup (Outlook):  WindowsmacOSAndroidiOS (Outlook & Apple Mail app)
Creating a signature:  WindowsmacOSOutlook Web App (OWA)
Managing mailbox size (Quota):  WindowsmacOSOutlook Web App (OWA)
Adding a shared mailbox:  WindowsmacOSOutlook Web App
Delegating:  Windows macOS Outlook Web App (OWA)
Managing Delegates:  Windows
Scams & Phishing attempts:  Email Scams @ Northwestern

Hardware Recommendations


The Law School has standardized vendors and models for computer purchases. We offer Dell Optiplex desktop computers and Dell Latitude laptops for PC/Windows users, and Apple MacBook Pro laptops.

We also offer secondary laptop computers and tablets for eligible Faculty and Staff. These include Microsoft Surface Pro, and Apple iPad Pro (Tablets), MacBook Air and Dell Latitude 7300 series (secondary laptops)


General Use:  SubscribingUnsubscribing |  Using the Listserv Web InterfaceIdentifying your subscriptions

Listserv Management:  Creating/deleting/renaming listservsManaging your listserv |  Managing listserv subscribers |  Managing subscriber digestsAdding/Removing and unsubscribe links |  Resolving problems sending images or attachmentsTroubleshooting attachments

Multi-Factor Authentication


Registering a phoneUpdating after new phone purchaseManaging settings and phones


Activate your NetIDChanging NetID PasswordPassword RecommendationsWeb Access Issues


Installing PaperCut:  WindowsmacOS
Setting your PaperCut pin number: Set your PIN
Print to copier using PaperCut:  Printing
Releasing the document in PaperCut:  Release


Email Scams @ Northwestern
Protect your password
Email Defense System


Download:  Office 365

For home-computers visit the Northwestern Information Technology Software page to view all the software available. The cost of the software varies. Contact Law Information Technology for assistance or with any questions.


Sources:  LinkedIn LearningTech Talks | TeachX


Install Cisco Anywhere:  WindowsmacOS

Web Conferencing

Blue Jeans
Setup: SchedulingAttending 

Installing WebEx productivity tools:  WindowsmacOS
Setting up a Personal Conferencing Number:  Personal Conferencing Number (PCN)

Setup: SchedulingAttending
Using: Authenticating Zoom |  Switch from personal Zoom to NU Zoom <---

Logging into Panopto: Panopto @ NU
Desktop Video Recording & Live Streaming: Desktop Video Recording & Live Streaming
Managing Zoom recordings in Panopto: Managing Zoom recordings in Panopto
Panopto Support (external site): Panopto Support

Wireless @ NU

Connecting to "Northwestern" wireless network:  WindowsmacOSiOSAndroid
Connecting to Eduroam:  WindowsmacOS |  iOS |  Android
Deleting a saved wireless profile:  WindowsmacOS