IT Research Support


Northwestern University has a high performance computing system called Quest, a large, shared computational facility suited for a variety of projects, including those that require high-performance capability due to computationally intensive tasks, such as intense numerical calculations or dealing with extremely large datasets.

Quest has 3 types of free allocations. Research I (for small data & compute needs), Research II (for larger data & compute needs) and teaching/training allocations.

Visit the HPC Allocation Request Forms to submit an application.

It’s best to apply for a Research I allocation from the “Research Allocation I Original/Renewal Request” link on the aforementioned webpage. The form is very simple and they only need a short paragraph of research description to be included with the form. This type of allocation will provide up to 35000 compute hours and 500GB initially for a year.

Visit the Northwestern University Knowledge Base for more information on how to use Quest

Research Data Storage

Research Data Storage Services provides a minimum Terabyte of desktop mountable storage for research purposes. Visit the site for Audited Storage options and cost.

If interested, submit the Research Data Storage Request Form.