About our Students

Northwestern Law is producing graduates who will meet the challenges of today's complex legal and business world better than those of any other school. Throughout the application process, we focus as much on personal qualities as on intellectual potential.

We are the only major law school that tries to interview every applicant, and more than 90 percent of our students enter with at least one year of full-time work experience. This real-world knowledge contributes to our students' maturity, dedication, and focus. In addition, our students' median LSAT score ranks 5th in the country and the median undergraduate GPA has risen to 3.6 in recent years.

Once here, our students benefit from a curriculum that stresses the importance of leadership, communication, and teamwork. Northwestern Law students work in teams with legal and non-legal professionals and learn how to advise clients about every aspect of business operations. They also gain hands-on, real world experience through our comprehensive clinical program.

Finally our student population is one of the most geographically diverse among American law schools and more of our entering students say they hope to work outside the Midwest. Hundreds of the nation's leading firms and businesses recruit Northwestern Law graduates and more than half of new graduates accept offers outside the Midwest.

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