Course and Teaching Evaluations

Students can view available reports through CAESAR, either via "Search CTECs" after clicking on the "Manage Classes" tile, or "View Course CTECs" after clicking through Class Search results. 

Faculty can view available reports by visiting the Blue system directly (

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Message from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: Curriculum, regarding Course and Teacher Evaluations

As each semester draws to a close, it is a good time to take stock of all you have accomplished, and thoughtfully consider your academic experiences. With that in mind, I ask you all to take very seriously the course and teacher evaluation ("CTE") process.

As you have heard me say many times, we in the Northwestern Law community believe in 360° learning. We all learn from each other – students, teachers and administrators alike. The course and teacher evaluation process is one of the strongest ways the students can "teach" their professors and those of us in the Law School's leadership. By carefully considering the strengths and weaknesses of your courses and instructors, and by communicating your assessments in a constructive, professional fashion, you can help us strive for even greater academic excellence and improve the experiences of future students. Your thoughtful participation in this process makes a powerful contribution to our school.

  • First, your participation contributes to your fellow students and those who follow you. By evaluating your courses and the styles and approaches of our faculty, you provide valuable information to students making curricular decisions. Your evaluations give students now and in the future great insight into whether a specific course or professor will be a good fit with their learning style.
  • Our faculty also value your views on both their courses and their teaching. We all benefit from constructive criticism as well as accolades and faculty are no different. While it may sometimes be difficult to receive such criticism, in the end our faculty appreciate your efforts to help them improve their teaching and the content and flow of their courses.
  • Finally, rest assured that I and those of us in leadership responsible for teaching quality at the Law School take your views very seriously. The CTEs are the most significant way that we can glimpse at how well our faculty do in the classroom, and teaching is an important and significant part of each faculty member's annual review.

Think of this as your chance to give us a "report card." And just as you expect your instructors to be diligent, professional and respectful in their assessment of your work, please offer the same to us in return. This is an important opportunity to make a genuine contribution to the academic life of Northwestern Law, and I encourage all of you to participate fully.

Thanks in advance for taking part in this important process.