Data on Technology Standards, Industry Consortia, and Innovation

The Searle Center is working with a group of academic researchers from leading universities to create and make available the Searle Center Database on technology standards and standard setting organizations (SCDB). This database includes three comprehensive data sets:

  • A data set with bibliographical information on standard documents, and information on membership and policies of standard setting organizations
  • A data set on declared standard-essential patents and standard-related patenting
  • A data set with detailed information on standardization procedures at the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)

In addition to the Searle Center Database (SCDB), the Searle Center already provides public access to three data sets with information on technology standards and related organizations:

  • A data set tracking standard development, innovation and corporate involvement by 232 firms in 515 important technology standards
  • A data set on technological rivalry and informal standards consortia related to 126 technology standards
  • A data set with information on 68 patent pools related to standards, including historical data on pool membership and licensees

USPTO Trademark Case Files Dataset

This dataset contains detailed information on 6.7 million trademark applications filed with or registrations issued by the USPTO between January 1870 and January 2012. This set is derived from the USPTO main database for administering trademarks and includes:data on mark characteristics

    • data on mark characteristics
    • prosecution events
    • ownership
    • classification
    • third-party oppositions
    • renewal history