Talent Analytics Leadership Roundtable (TALREOS)

Talent Analytics

The Event (November 7-8, 2019)

"It continues to be the best place to network with others in the talent analytics field and stay on top of the latest ideas and trends. We simple can't miss this." -2018 Attendee

Innovative, Interactive and Invitation Only

  • Limited to technically advanced participants
  • In-depth discussions on cutting-edge topics
  • Open discussion of successes, challenges, and learnings
  • Formal presentations followed by discussion and interactive knowledge exchange
  • Small, with a target size of sixty people
  • Significant networking time with all meals provided

Analytics for the Evolution of Work

  • Analytics-driven social employment practices for profits and people
  • UpMeasures: metrics to measure the progress of social employment initiatives
  • Fresh and unconventional approaches to challenges of economic mobility, diversity and inclusion, and work-life balance

For more information, please email wsp@northwestern.edu



  • Buddy Benge, HR Digital & Analytics Leader, Bayer AG
  • Nicholas Bremner, People Research Scientist, Uber
  • Linda Cai, Global Head of Learning and Talent Development, Aon
  • Dean Carter, Vice President of Human Resources and Shared Services, Patagonia
  • Caitlin Cavanaugh, Talent Analytics Lead, Patagonia
  • Arun Chidambaram, Vice President Talent Analytics, GE Healthcare
  • John Damalas, Senior Director - Enterprise Data & Analytics, Walmart
  • Damien DeLuca, SR. Director, PepsiCo
  • T. Ryan Dullaghan, General Manager, People Data Insights, Jet Blue
  • Bruce Evans, EVP - Talent Analytics, EMSI
  • Benjamin Friedrich, Assistant Professor of Strategy, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
  • Amanda Gadaleta, Global Head of Talent Strategy and Culture, BlackRock
  • Nicholas Garbis, Global Head for Strategic Workforce Planning, Allianz
  • Holly Lam, Director, Culture & Engagement, US Foods
  • Eric Mackaluso, VP, Head of People Analytics, ADP
  • Yustina Saleh, Senior Vice President, Analytics, EMSI
  • Allan Schweyer, Chief Academic Advisor, The Incentive Research Foundation
  • Garima Sharma, Director, People Analytics, United Airlines
  • Aiwa Shirako, ABCP Equity & Fairness Lead, Google
  • Lee S. Webster, ISO Chair


  • Al Adamsen, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Insight 222
  • Chris Broderick, Found and President, Bnear Global Inc., Member, HRMAC
  • Serena Huang, Global Talent Analytics Lead, Koch Business Solutions
  • Chris Mason, Senior Director, Talent Management, Compensation, and HR, KeHE
  • Michael Moon, Director, People Insights, ADP
  • Chirag Padalia, Executive Director, People Anlytics & Insight, Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL, MT, NM, OK, and TX

Themes and Topics

Economic Mobility

  • Internal reskilling as a talent pipeline
  • Employer-led community training: filling the talent pipeline while closing the skills gap
  • Job rotation for career ladders
  • The ROI on tuition subsidies
  • The employer role in industry credentials

Talent Management

  • Reducing bias in decision-making processes
  • Performance Management: Incentives, evaluation, recognition
  • Engagement: New approaches to measurement
  • What makes teams work?
  • Leadership: Can it be measured? Can it be taught?
  • Predicting and preventing attrition


  • Data Integration within people analytics and across functions
  • Machine learning and AI
  • Crossing disciplinary boundaries of data science, economics and psychology
  • Choosing technology

Using Analytics to Drive Change

  • Challenges of engaging with other stakeholders
  • Aligning people analytics with business strategy
  • Coordinating people metrics with other metrics


  • Blending analytics and visualization to develop, evaluate, and communicate D&I programs
  • Using analytics to help incumbents partner with underrepresented groups for change
  • Driving pay equity through alternative work schedules and enhanced family leave
  • D&I initiatives that don’t work- and those that don’t

Talent Acquistition

  • Using AI to streamline hiring: past first-generation resume parsing
  • Analytics for sourcing
  • New approaches to predicting employee success

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