Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

These backgrounds can be used with the Zoom video-conferencing tool. Find instructions on how to add a background to a meeting in the Zoom help center.

To download a background, click on one of the thumbnails below.

purple facets with logo in bottom left
purple facets with logo in upper left
logo repeated on purple background
stained glass within of law school 'N'
Rubloff building
law school arch
school buildings on Chicago Ave
Chicago aerial view
Lake Michigan and Chicago skyline
courtyard in summer

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PowerPoint Presentations

Official Northwestern Pritzker Law PowerPoint templates are available for use by law school departments and faculty members.

The following templates are available for standard 4:3 aspect ratio projectors (non-widescreen):

The following templates are available for widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio (1080p / 1920 x 1080 px) projectors:


4:3 aspect ratio (1440 x 1080 resolution)
16:9 aspect ratio widescreen (1920 x 1080 resolution) 

Name Tags

Disposable name tags for large events are available through K&M Printing (Sales representative: Bob Klett, bklett@kmprinting.com). These are printed with the Northwestern Law logo. (Please reach out to Law-Communications@law.northwestern.edu to order permanent, plastic name tags for faculty and staff.)

Logo name badges must adhere to the following style:

Clip Style Name Badge: Avery 74536
Name: 30 pt Arial Bold
Title: 22 pt Arial Bold 

Sticker Name Badge: Avery 5395
Name: 24 pt Arial Bold
Title: 16 pt Arial Bold

Important Guidelines

  • Do not change the font type or color
  • Adjust font size as needed only to fit information
  • Do not include clip art or any other graphics on the name tag
  • Use the title "Professor" when making name tags for any professor regardless of whether he/she is an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Visiting Professor, or Senior Lecturer
  • Use the title "Dean" when creating a name tag for the Dean

Name Tents

For panels of speakers, it is important to provide name tents that can be easily read from a distance. If your department frequently hosts a number of these events, please purchase a supply of reusable acrylic, v-style name tent holders. 

Download the standard template to use with the acrylic name tent holders (ppt).