Executive LLM Programs - International

Northwestern Law continues to expand its international reach by offering Executive LLM Programs for working legal and business professionals in Europe, Korea, and the Middle East. The programs, designed specifically for professionals who cannot or do not wish to undertake a full-time Master of Laws (LLM) degree in the United States or elsewhere, are made possible through partnerships with IE Law School in Madrid, Spain; KAIST Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy in Seoul, South Korea; and Tel Aviv University in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Scholars of distinction, including Northwestern Law faculty members, teach the courses, which are scheduled to allow students to continue to work while they study. As they learn, students can apply the broad range of legal and analytical skills they have mastered toward their everyday work. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will receive a LLM degree from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law.

Most applicants are practicing lawyers who have at least five years of experience in a company legal department or law firm and are poised to seek positions of maximum responsibility in the near future. Other legal professionals, as well as executives and managers whose work brings them into frequent contact with legal or regulatory situations, would also benefit from participating in the Executive LLM Program.

Only some states permit foreign lawyers to take the bar examination, and each state has its own requirements as to prior legal education, coursework in a US LLM program, and other matters. Some states which otherwise permit LLM-degree holders to sit for their bar examinations nevertheless do not admit students from Executive programs. As such, the Executive LLM programs do not guarantee students that they will qualify to take the bar examination or practice law in the United States. Please refer to the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements at The American Bar Association.

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