Careers and Professional Development

Career Services

The MSL program provides an array of career services for its students, including a dedicated MSL career advisor and a range of professional development workshops designed to help students improve their marketability and their knowledge of the job search process. Our goal is to empower MSL graduates to seek out interesting and worthwhile positions that will use the skills and knowledge gained in the MSL Program.

Throughout their time in the program, students have numerous opportunities to learn about relevant careers and professional positions – the MSL program and many other groups at the law school regularly sponsor events, panels, and talks focused on careers and professional development. MSL students also have access to Northwestern University’s career resources, including University-sponsored career fairs, employer information sessions, and Handshake – Northwestern’s central platform for career activities and job opportunities. 

Career Outcomes

MSL graduates are well-equipped for a variety of positions at the intersection of law, business, and technology and they have had great success in the job market. Employment statistics from 2015-2018 show that 98% have achieved their post-program goals: 79% are gainfully employed in jobs related to their MSL training and 19% are enrolled in another educational program including medicine, law, business, technology, and more.

MSL graduates are employed across a range of industries, including law, finance, engineering, consulting, and startups. Many of these graduates could not have secured their current positions without the MSL training, and most report utilizing knowledge and skills from the MSL program on a daily basis. Here is a list of some actual positions currently held by graduates of the MSL program:

  • Technical specialist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Compliance officer
  • Regulatory engineer
  • Director of business development
  • Scientific advisor
  • IP/patent portfolio manager
  • Product manager
  • Business analyst
  • Policy analyst
  • Government regulator
  • Technology transfer officer
  • Patent coordinator
  • Patent agent
  • Consultant
  • Regulatory analyst and specialist
  • Design engineer
  • Life sciences legal specialist
  • And more…


MSL graduates provide immense value to employers as well-rounded employees who can approach issues from a variety of perspectives and interface between different functional units. If you are employer interested in learning more about the MSL program and/hiring MSL graduates, please contact Evan Goldberg at