MSL Symposium

MSL Symposium

The 2nd Annual MSL Symposium

On May 8, 2020, the MSL hosted the 2nd Annual Symposium, “At the Intersection: STEM, Law, Business, and the MSL,” bringing the MSL community together virtually to showcase the importance of cross-disciplinary awareness at the intersection of STEM, law, and business – the type of thinking that is at the heart of the Master of Science in Law program.

The symposium featured virtual poster presentations, during which 17 current MSL students displayed their work and ideas on a variety of topics, ranging from artificial intelligence to cannabis legalization. Throughout the evening, students presented in three separate Zoom rooms. Please see below for links to the recorded presentations.


Addressing the Rising Rates in Medical Malpractice, Radhika Raturi (MSL ’20)

This presentation focuses on medical malpractice and, in particular, on disparities in medical malpractice rates across jurisdictions. By exploring administrative, legal, medical, bureaucratic, and cultural frameworks, the presentation will attempt to shed light on this complex topic. 


AI: The Next Microwave Oven, Sanaz Zahedi (MSL ’20)

AI is a fast-emerging and captivating area of interest that is flattening the world. Despite major breakthroughs in AI, why are organizations not adopting it and what are the key barriers to the adoption of AI?


Correlation Between Crimes and Proximity to Police Stations in the City of Chicago, Aaditya Rawal (MSL ’20)

This presentation explores crime data provided by the City of Chicago, using an algorithm that looks at the crimes and the distance from the closest police station in an attempt to discover interesting relationships found in the data.


Closing the Gap in Healthcare Disparities of African American Women in Cancer Clinical Trials, Bridgette McCullough (MSL ’20)

This presentation details the creation of a new company, Acirah, whose goal is to recruit, enroll, and monitor participation of African Americans in clinical trials. Acirah also aims to ensure that the African American community will be better served by existing healthcare delivery systems.


Deep Learning in Healthcare, Tiffany Zhao (MSL ’20)

Artificial intelligence and deep learning are at the forefront of modern technological innovation. From neural networks to ethics, this presentation covers the significance of deep learning and potential applications in healthcare.


Health and Human Rights: Access to Health Project, Orkidea Bajrami (MSL ’20), Amie Patel (MSL ’20) and Keerti Tadimeti (MSL ’20)

The interdisciplinary Access to Health Project (ATH) brings together students and faculty to work in consultation with marginalized communities to assess health needs, and to design a targeted, sustainable approach.  Our team served as ‘consultants’ to an organization that focuses on helping women and children in Greece; we looked at how cultural mediators can use technology to facilitate accurate information exchange between community workers and migrants.


International Team Project (ITP): My Big Fat Greek Economic Crisis, Winisha Smith (MSL ’20)

The International Team Project (ITP) course brings together students who undertake a semester-long research project focused on a particular country, culminating in field study work in that country.  Though the field study did not take place this year, this presentation focuses on the Greek economic crisis of 2009, providing an economic snapshot, a look at affected industries, brain drain, and the current state of Greece a decade later.


Out-of-Pocket Medical Costs for Disadvantaged Populations, Eric Ni (MSL ’20)

The study examines out-of-pocket healthcare costs within the United States healthcare model, specifically exploring three patient populations: older patients, diabetic patients, and individuals diagnosed with Down Syndrome.


Potential Benefits and Risks of Federal Legalization of Cannabis, Joe Parrish (MSL ’20)

This presentation explores opportunities and risks associated with federal cannabis legalization – both medical and recreational – in the United States, including an analysis of problems that could potentially be solved by cannabis legislation. 


Project Traffic Light: Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking in the Justice System, Eric DeChant (MSL ’20)

Victims of human trafficking are often arrested for crimes they are forced to commit. Using expert knowledge gleaned from senior judges, Project Traffic Light will demonstrate analytical tools built to help judges identify and extricate these defendant victims from lives of servitude.


Say What? Communicating to the Masses, Katherine Culbert (MSL ’20)

Technical information can be very informative, but it can also be very difficult to understand. This presentation shows how the same information can be presented in different ways, and how those different ways can affect the recipient’s understanding of the material.  This information is especially important to know when communicating complex technical information to those who do not have a technical background.


The Biotechnology Patent Landscape, Jill Crich (MSL ’20) and Cristina Craig (MSL ’20) 

Acquiring patent protection for biotechnology is a complicated process and the current patent law landscape poses many obstacles. We will explore the current challenges biotech firms face while trying to secure IP protection for their life-saving innovations, and also how current policies may dis-incentivize innovation in this area. 


Understanding the Healthcare Regulatory Process and Constraints, Aishwarya Raj (MSL ’20)

This presentation highlights the changing needs of the pharmaceutical industry as well as various regulatory timelines and stipulations for different pharmaceutical products.  The current COVID-19 pandemic will provide some context for this exploration. 


Venture Strategies through Case Examples, T. Alastair DeNova (MSL ’20)

A dive into strategies used by early-stage and evolving companies who aim to be at the forefront of the innovation economy. Presentation will cover companies in varying industries highlighted in the MSL course: Cases in New Venture Strategies. 


Inaugural MSL Symposium 2019

The MSL Inaugural Symposium featured a poster presentation session where students displayed their work on a variety of projects at this all-important intersection, a keynote address by Dr. Norbert Riedel, and live presentations from student projects on a range of topics, including artificial intelligence, genomic data, medical device entrepreneurship, health and human rights, and the space industry.