Client Testimonials

Valentin Saportas

Valentin Saportas (JD '10)
CEO, MortgageHippo

"We had a great experience working with the Entrepreneurship Law Center.

As a lawyer turned tech entrepreneur who has worked at large law firms, I can tell you that the professionals at the ELC treated us just like the large law firms treat their best clients. They were always prompt to answer emails or jump on a phone call with us to discuss a legal matter in more depth. They always helped us analyze the pros and cons of legal issues to help us make the best business decisions possible. I would highly recommend the ELC to any business owner."

Carrie Mendoza

Carrie Mendoza
Co-Founder, Central Line Health, LLC

"The Entrepreneurship Law Center is a critical service for early stage start-ups with limited resources.

Their educational mission is a win-win for new businesses and their law students. We have learned together how to tackle fundamental legal issues when starting a business. Our work together will carry us all forward to be successful."

Julie Peterson

Julie Peterson
Freelancer Producer

"How to adequately express my appreciation for the superb work of Northwestern's Entrepreneurship Law Center? It's difficult.

Highly-skilled third year law students, led by experienced lawyers, have worked hard for both of my non-profit startups. The ELC team regularly and consistently demonstrates excellence and the highest level of professionalism. Without their assistance, my documentary films would not have achieved the success they have. The ELC is helping make my dreams come true. Thank you, thank you for your commitment."