IT Graduation Checklist

Automatic Expiration of @Law Office 365 Account, Email, OneDrive, Box, and NetID

Change your NetID Password
We recommend changing your password within 6 months prior to graduation. This will allow continued access to Office 365, OneDrive, Box, and your @Law email for approximately 4-5 months after graduation until your Netid expires. For the date, refer to the law-school academic calendar for your degree conferral date.


Automatic expiration of NetID's 
Please refer to the Northwestern website that contains the Automatic Expiration NetID's chart to find out when your NetID will expire. Note: Your degree conferral date in the chart is referred to as "SES discontinues sending data for the NetID."

Creating an Alumni Email Account

Managing ListServ Subscriptions and Ownership

Managing your @NLaw account

Return loaner equipment

Return all Law IT (LIT) loaner equipment. If items are not returned, you will be charged a processing fee PLUS the cost of replacing the borrowed equipment. Please return all equipment by the Friday after exams are over.

Student Software

After your degree conferral date, you will not be able to purchase student software on the Northwestern software portal