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Explanation of Grades and Grade Points

The following systems of grading academic performance have been used at the Law School. (For systems prior to entrance in 1968, please inquire.)

Grades and Grade Points:

1968-1975: For classes entering in the fall of 1968 or subsequently and scheduled to graduate prior to 1978, the following letter grade system:
H(Honors) 78 or above
S(Satisfactory) 68-77
P(Pass) 60-67
F(Fail) 59 and below (no credit)
CR(Credit) Given in the first semester courses and in certain other work
No class rank recorded. Grades of H, S, or CR for two-thirds of credit hours attempted subsequent to first semester required for graduation; P grades counted to the extent that student has H grades.

1975-1993: For classes entering in the fall of 1975 or subsequently and scheduled to graduate in 1978 or subsequently, grades and their numerical value on a 7.0 scale as set forth below:
A+/7, A/6, B+/5, B/4, C+/3, C/2, D/1, CR (credit/passing given in first semester courses and certain other work), F and Inc(fail).

1993-2000: Beginning in the fall of 1993, grades and their numerical equivalent on a 4.5 scale below:
A+/4.5, A/4, B+/3.5, B/3, C+/2.5, C/2, D/1.0, F/0
Class rank is not recorded. To graduate, a student’s average must fall between C+ and C for credit hours attempted.

Since 2000:  Beginning in the fall of 2000, grades and their numerical equivalent on a 4.33 scale are given below:
A+/4.33, A/4.0, A-/3.67, B+/3.33, B/3.0, B-/2.67, C+/2.33, C/2.0, D/1.0, F/0, I (Incomplete)/0

Spring 2020 Exception: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all JD and LLM (and second session MSCL) courses were moved to a mandatory GPA-neutral Credit/No Credit grade basis.  

Mandatory Grade Curves:

1975-1988: Grading curve: A+/10%, A/15%, B+/20%, B/25%, C+/10%, C/5-15%, D&F combined 10%

1988-2000: Grading curve: A+/3-7%, A/12-18%, B+/20-30%, B/25-35%, C+/5-15%, C/10%, D&F/0-7%
This grading curve was mandatory for first year courses over 40 in enrollment and recommended for all other courses.

Fall 2000 - Summer 2017:  Grading curve mandatory for all courses over 40 in enrollment:
A+/3-7%, A/12-15%, A-/10-15%, B+/15-30%, B/20-35%, B-/10-15%, C+/0-7.5%, C/0-7.5%, D&F/0-7%