Course Schedule

Course schedules are subject to modification based on student demand. 

MSL Online Program Course Schedule (pdf)

The MSL online program allows flexibility in scheduling so that students can move through the program at a pace that works for them. A total of 28 credits is needed to graduate, 3.5-4 of which are fulfilled during the required "Power Week." That leaves 24-25 credits for students to complete during the regular terms, of which there are 5 each year (Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, and Summer). All of the MSL courses are 1.5 credits each. 

Students can choose whether to take one or two classes in each term; those taking one class per term can finish in 3-4 years, while those taking two classes per term can finish the program in as little as two years. Students also have an option to enroll in on-campus residential classes; a maximum of 6 credits total.