Robert Childres

In memory of professor Robert Childres, a great law teacher, 1934-1976. The Childres Award is presented annually to the faculty member selected by the student body as the year's most outstanding teacher.

Faculty are not eligible to win this award if they were a recipient within the last three years.

Recipients Academic Year
Sarah Lawsky 2020-2021
Wendy Muchman 2019-2020
Destiny Peery 2018-2019
Susan E. Provenzano 2017-2018
Karl E. Lutz 2016-2017
Peter C. DiCola 2015-2016
Erin F. Delaney 2014-2015
Martin H. Redish 2013-2014
Dawn Clark Netsch 2012-2013
Michael R. Barsa 2011-2012
Thomas J. Brennan 2010-2011
Leonard S. Rubinowitz 2009-2010
James B. Speta 2008-2009
Stephen B. Presser 2007-2008
Richard J. Hoskins 2006-2007
Martin H. Redish 2005-2006
James B. Speta 2004-2005
Leonard S. Rubinowitz 2003-2004
Lawrence C. Marshall 2002-2003
Robert P. Burns 2001-2002
James B. Speta 2000-2001
Kimberly Krawiec 1999-2000
Leonard S. Rubinowitz 1998-1999
Robert P. Burns 1997-1998
Jane E. Larson 1996-1997
Robert P. Burns 1995-1996
Jane E. Larson 1994-1995
Stephen B. Presser 1993-1994
Gary S. Lawson 1992-1993
James B. Haddad 1991-1992
Linda R. Hirshman 1990-1991
Clinton W. Francis 1989-1990
Lawrence C. Marshall 1988-1989
Mark F. Grady 1987-1988
Martin H. Redish 1986-1987
Stephen B. Presser 1985-1986
Dennis A. Ferrazzano 1984-1985
Clinton W. Francis 1983-1984
Leonard S. Rubinowitz 1982-1983
Richard E. Speidel 1981-1982
James B. Haddad 1980-1981
Vance N. Kirby 1979-1980
Irving A. Gordon 1978-1979
William B. Chamberlin 1977-1978