Robert Childres

In memory of professor Robert Childres (1934 – 1976), the Childres Award is presented annually to the faculty member selected by the student body as the year's most outstanding teacher.

Professor Childres was a member of the Northwestern Law faculty from 1967 – 1972. He was a brilliant scholar, prolific author and distinguished professor. One formal student wrote of Professor Childres: he was “both a teacher and a performer. Lincoln Hall was his theater and he was in center stage.”

Faculty are not eligible to win this award if they were a recipient within the last three years.

Recipients Academic Year
Wendy Muchman 2023-2024
Emily Kadens 2022-2023
Stephen Reed 2021-2022
Sarah Lawsky 2020-2021
Wendy Muchman 2019-2020
Destiny Peery 2018-2019
Susan E. Provenzano 2017-2018
Karl E. Lutz 2016-2017
Peter C. DiCola 2015-2016
Erin F. Delaney 2014-2015
Martin H. Redish 2013-2014
Dawn Clark Netsch 2012-2013
Michael R. Barsa 2011-2012
Thomas J. Brennan 2010-2011
Leonard S. Rubinowitz 2009-2010
James B. Speta 2008-2009
Stephen B. Presser 2007-2008
Richard J. Hoskins 2006-2007
Martin H. Redish 2005-2006
James B. Speta 2004-2005
Leonard S. Rubinowitz 2003-2004
Lawrence C. Marshall 2002-2003
Robert P. Burns 2001-2002
James B. Speta 2000-2001
Kimberly Krawiec 1999-2000
Leonard S. Rubinowitz 1998-1999
Robert P. Burns 1997-1998
Jane E. Larson 1996-1997
Robert P. Burns 1995-1996
Jane E. Larson 1994-1995
Stephen B. Presser 1993-1994
Gary S. Lawson 1992-1993
James B. Haddad 1991-1992
Linda R. Hirshman 1990-1991
Clinton W. Francis 1989-1990
Lawrence C. Marshall 1988-1989
Mark F. Grady 1987-1988
Martin H. Redish 1986-1987
Stephen B. Presser 1985-1986
Dennis A. Ferrazzano 1984-1985
Clinton W. Francis 1983-1984
Leonard S. Rubinowitz 1982-1983
Richard E. Speidel 1981-1982
James B. Haddad 1980-1981
Vance N. Kirby 1979-1980
Irving A. Gordon 1978-1979
William B. Chamberlin 1977-1978